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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.   – Benjamin Franklin

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Prince Nefew - Stop The Violence

We might not be lost physically, but we all are lost Mentally

Is dis da way America wont us to feel

Lakeesha W.
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Getting take out is not the same as dining in at the restaurant. I want to actual seat down in a restaurant an eat. I am tired of cooking, but I have too. Take out sucks. They always seem to mess up your order. I am trying not to forget how my favorite restaurants taste plus the experience of dining in.  Once this is over I want to go to all my favorite restaurants, sit down and enjoy the service. First stop El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant!!  What about you?  What’s the first restaurant you want to dine in at?


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We Carry Sizes 8-10

Pink 13,12 Purple 10,13

Size 13,12 pink Sizes 10,13 purple

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Lakeesha W.
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Since this Covid-19 virus a lot of us have been cooped up in the house trying to survive.  We have been cleaning, cooking, teaching, budgeting,  and being good stewards to our family.  Some of the things that we have been doing we haven’t done in a long time (be honest).  Dining out at restaurants have been non existent.  We have been exercising all of the home economics tools we have been taught.  Some of use have not been taught home economics, and it is starting to show. When you think of home economics, we tend to think of cooking? Well home economics is more than just cooking. It is life skills beneficial to the home and community.  It’s not just a “woman’s job”. It’s everyone’s job. We need to learn about how to maintain food and impact of our food. We need to learn about financial responsibility, what it takes to purchase a home, and credit. We need to learn how our decisions effect the environment.  In my opinion I think we don’t take home economics serious, until something drastic happens. 

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Ladies Spring is here Summer is near and I have what you need to get Summertime Fine

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Runs small sizes 2-XL 

Comes in several different colors