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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

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2) Click settings

3) Scroll the right, click memberships

4) Scroll the membership packages

5) Scroll right, click subscribe, then your  done. 

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1st Cheer Competition...they brought home the trophy!!! 🤸🏽‍♀️🏆 Columbus,Ga.

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Brian Washington VS Scott Croomy Crooms


video by Glover Gthang Reeves 

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After some tests, I discovered those greats automatically have become coaches:

You may locate different gamers to apply for step 1, however those have been those who came about for me whenever. The fundamental issue right here is that the gamers have a HOF-degree profession, that is MT 2K23 like Julius Erving from the All-Time crew and now no longer the Julius Erving from the '76-'seventy seven Sixers. All-Time Erving may have his whole profession stats, which factor to a mythical profession. The traditional crew model simplest has his NBA profession up till that factor. '76-'seventy seven Erving may not retire a legend, and may not end up a instruct.

Step 2 – Player DNA

For this step, you will want to pick out any gamers you need to end up coaches. Edit any of the gamers indexed in the first step and import the DNA of any participant you need as a instruct. Make positive you import the arrival simplest and now no longer the attributes. For a few motive, it labored higher once I did not import the attributes regardless of the attributes having no effect at the profession stats.

Step three – Make Them Old And Bad

The simplest manner for a participant to end up a instruct in the sport is to retire, so that you want them to be at retirement age. There's an unusual malicious program wherein a number of the traditional gamers' a long time can not be edited withinside the brief edit menu, so that you'll want to completely edit their delivery years to cause them to round forty five.

You additionally do not need to have any CPU groups signal them, so that you'll want to decrease their rankings a chunk. This could additionally growth the probability that they do retire. At the cease of the primary season, take a look at the "retirements" web page and ensure they retired, so that you understand to search for them withinside the to be had group of workers the subsequent offseason.

Unfortunately, you do ought to wait a complete season for retired gamers to reveal up as loose agent coaches, so whoever making a decision to make a instruct may be to be had on the cease of your 2d season. Sometimes the gamers will now no longer retire on the cease of the primary season, so they may retire and end up coaches in waves.


Until 2K provides a badge that could contend with this (would not appear probably), that is the pleasant alternative we've. However, there are some minor aspect outcomes in case you try this.

The first is that you may simplest try this on the begin of your shop. Once you've got began your MyTEAM/MyNBA, the traditional groups are not gift for you to drag gamers from. This manner you will be restricted to the usage of the traditional gamers on the begin until you are prepared for anything participant you need to apply as a instruct to retire right away. You ought to perhaps attempt to make a number of the "legend" loose retailers more youthful so that they retire some years later, and NBA 2K MT Coins the Player DNA step some years into your shop.

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Free Fitness Boot Camp At Lakebottom Adult Field Day. Neicy BBQ Truck on location serving the Community. Moneyboytv in the community☺️✅


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Idk how to start or where. R.I.P to the best, the funniest, most encouraging and stand up man I’ve ever met. It breaks my heart to confirm with y’all that Quentin Cortez ‘LookoutRacing’ Backus has gained his wings Augusta 31, 2022. You will be missed. We will never forget you and all the laughter you gave us. You brought hundreds of thousands of people together with your great humor & personality. Gone to soon. LongLiveLookout. Love you bro.

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The concept behind Melvor Idle is likewise absolutely in sync with RS Gold of what makes for a dwelling sport -- it was subsequently an excellent match for us," he says. "Furthermore the notion of offering a player from our group this opportunity has certainly excited absolutely each individual within the organization."

Pfieffer and his team members tried Melvor Idle themselves and were so impressed that they reached out Malcolm to speak about possibilities of operating together beginning in 2021.

"From just our initial interactions we learned that Brendan plays Jagex's inventive and visionary network-driven video games and has accomplished superbly in creating an active and healthy community round Melvor Idle. It's uncommon to see any kind of herbal suit when looking for publishing options, however Brendan along with Melvor Idle were exactly this, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to support both him and the sport wholeheartedly.

He explains: "We like to mention that if RuneScape is the MMO which is enjoyed while watching TV, Melvor is the idle sport that may be loved whilst gambling RuneScape. Melvor Idle combines RuneScape's main gameplay mechanics and condenses them down into bite-sized chunks that can be enjoyed even when the time is short, which is why RuneScape gamers will sense at domestic in Melvor.

Beyond that, it's an extremely well-designed idle sport with a focus on permitting gamers to select their own course of action through the game makes it stand above the crowd of games for idle play that force players into growing quite a number indefinitely."

The discussions improved and Melvor Idle turned into quickly accepted by Jagex Partners, the RuneScape company's publishing arm. Jagex offered Malcolm improvements suggestions and assisted with a whole emblem refresh and also helped in the control of networks and localisation by transforming a game developed via way of means of one character into something available in 13 different languages (thus far).

The early release of the game this month. The Early Access model proved this design was a hit with RPG avid gamers, having been downloaded over 600,000 times throughout Steam and the various application store on mobile devices. This was way beyond Malcolm's initial expectations when the first time he began to launch his game. Naturally Malcolm was hoping that his game would be successful, but he did not have an "endgame" in the Buy OSRS Gold of his mind.

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The desperation that is Carolina can be detected at a Madden 23 coins, and that's exactly the reason for this move.

There's a chance even if it's an ethereal glimmer that this plan could be successful. It's possible that Mayfield will be able to stabilize the ship by 2022 and give Carolina its needed immediate success and prove that McAdoo's offensive can be effective and Corral is waiting to step in. There are many dominoes that must be thrown in the right direction however there is an opportunity here. We'll see whether the Panthers are the ones who will be laughing or continue to make jokes.

There are a few Madden NFL 23 venues that will remain permanently in your brain. For instance, the Packers are at Lambeau Field, the Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium -- and in the world of corporate naming I'm sure that any fan of football could tell immediately the fact that Gillette Stadium belongs to the Patriots, as well Heinz Field is the home of the Steelers. That was the case until Monday morning.

The Steelers stadium will be getting the new name following Heinz decided not to renew the rights to its name following 20 years. We now know where the gold and black will play during the autumn, however we do we don't know what exactly this business is up to. If you can't tell me the things that Acrisure is doing without Googling then you're lying. If you are able to tell me what Acrisure does even after Googling then you're lying. It's the most confusing firm on the planet, and everyone is trying to figure out what they do.

If you visit their website you'll see that they provide insurance. If you click on the button for a quote,, you're confronted with this statement that I've read 100 times, but I do not know what it signifies. "We blend the very best human nature and technology to provide the mut coins madden 23 you'd expect from a top 10 worldwide broker.

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Opening day Youth Football in Columbus,Ga We working. The girls were helping me streaming live. Londan & my baby girls Aubrey & The little football player Dj

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Opening day Youth Football in Columbus,Ga We working. The girls were helping me streaming live. Londan & my baby girls Aubrey

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At 16 years old, Xamiya Walton already has offers from 21 college basketball coaches. She is a 1,000-point scorer over two seasons, and currently plays for the Butler College Prep Lady Lynx and Illinois X-Citement. 

Her love for the game, however, began when she was just a little girl.

"My dad was a basketball coach before I was even born, so I was pretty much born around the game of basketball," said Xamiya Walton.

Now, Walton has another exciting accomplishment to add to her resume – and in the process, she is breaking down barriers for other high school athletes.

"We know someone always has to be first to knock on the door, it just happened to be Xamiya," said Xaver Walton, Xamiya’s dad and basketball coach.

Little did the Walton family know, Xamiya’s NIL deal was years in the making.

For her 12th birthday, Xaver Walton surprised his daughter with a Shoot-A-Way machine.

The training device allows players to run through an entire practice on their own.

She's been using it ever since she received it, tagging the company in videos she posts online.

Only hoping the company would re-post her social media videos, Walton says they came to her with much more than that – a formal sponsorship offer.

"I was just totally shocked," said Xamiya Walton.

As the first student athlete in the state to seek approval for a NIL deal, months of discussions with the Illinois High School Association followed to ensure that eligibility rules weren't violated due to current NIL limits.

"Since there’s so many brands and so many athletes, I think that anybody would be willing to give kids my age, younger or older, the opportunity to make a deal with the brand," said Xamiya Walton.

"I do know for other student athletes, this opportunity could provide them revenue because everybody’s financial situation is different," said Xaver Walton.

Xamiya Walton leaves us with a message for other young women determined to pursue their passion: "As long as you believe in it and have a nice circle that does, you can do anything you set your mind to," she said.

Now, the IHSA is discussing a change to its by-laws that would increase limits for NIL deals, allowing other athletes to benefit from similar opportunities.

"Maintaining the amateur aspect of high school athletics, but yet recognizing that students, much like they would go get a summer job and try to make money, that we as an association and member schools maybe shouldn’t be hindering students’ opportunities to make money," said Craig Anderson, IHSA executive director.

A potential change to IHSA’s name, image and likeness rules could be coming soon.

By-law proposals are due to the IHSA by Oct. 11. Meetings will then be held in November, with an expected vote on a change to NIL allowances to take place sometime in December.


Aww that's so cute!!! You are a mountain man, and I like it 😆

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Coach Eryn Withers & the Howard Community College WBB coaching staff will be part of the coaching staff at the Hoopmasters College Showcase for the boys & girls

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A Columbus man is behind bars on one count of murder after a deadly shooting late Monday afternoon on the east side of the city.

The shooting took place outside in the 1600 block of Forestside Drive on Monday, September 12, 2022. A man, identified as 25-year-old Zachary Tyler Castellow, was pronounced deceased at 7:00 P.M. by Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan. The mother has been notified of Castellow’s death and an autopsy will be done. 
The suspect, identified as Johnathan Thompson, was arrested and booked into the Muscogee County Jail later Monday night around 11:30 P.M. No mugshot is available at this time. This is the 32nd homicide this year for Columbus, and the fifth homicide this month.

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Ricky & Tina Upshaw surprise anniversary party. Book moneyboytv for all occasions. 

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