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Teddy Reese says…I was both excited and honored, as State Representative- Elect, to award the inaugural Georgia State Representative Attorney Teddy Reese Academic Achievement Cup 2022 to two outstanding Carver & Spencer Senior Football players with the highest GPAs. They both received an award and a $500 scholarship.

Please help Dr. Chasity R. Reese and I Congratulate Nevelle Dean (Carver High School) and Tycen McDaniels (Spencer High School) for being outstanding athletes on the field and exceptional scholars in the classroom. Congratulations to the parents of both young men. They both superbly represent the academic excellence of Carver and Spencer. Thank you to the leadership and staff at both institutions. Lastly, thank you to the following community leaders for assisting in the presentation: Councilwoman Toyia A Tucker, Superior Court Clerk Danielle Forte & Mr Monk (Gwendolyn Johnson) Johnson.

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