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Kode has shaking up the city of Columbus,Ga. Who is this Young Athlete of the Muscogee County Tri-City Area.. Where did he come form? How old is he? What Grade is in? How tall is he? How fast is this kid......The City wants to know... And MONEYBOYTV has the Fan in streets asking is he out of the Columbus,Ga area....


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Moneyboytv has their eyes on the Muscogee County Young Athlete #23 . This young Athlete is in the 7th Grade now 5’9 & 13 years of age.

Fort Middle School

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Jayddence Ford Aka Pookie 5’7 Freshman @ Pacelli Columbus, Ga They say he is the REAL DEAL point guard… Keep your eyes open for him..

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Teddy Reese says…I was both excited and honored, as State Representative- Elect, to award the inaugural Georgia State Representative Attorney Teddy Reese Academic Achievement Cup 2022 to two outstanding Carver & Spencer Senior Football players with the highest GPAs. They both received an award and a $500 scholarship.

Please help Dr. Chasity R. Reese and I Congratulate Nevelle Dean (Carver High School) and Tycen McDaniels (Spencer High School) for being outstanding athletes on the field and exceptional scholars in the classroom. Congratulations to the parents of both young men. They both superbly represent the academic excellence of Carver and Spencer. Thank you to the leadership and staff at both institutions. Lastly, thank you to the following community leaders for assisting in the presentation: Councilwoman Toyia A Tucker, Superior Court Clerk Danielle Forte & Mr Monk (Gwendolyn Johnson) Johnson.

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I had to catch her slipping …Beast mode. Very talented… She didn’t know.. but I did lol. that energy tho.. silly… ….what a night this was I can say 🤩. These females be going hard too. 

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The city of Columbus,Ga the Home so proud to announce that (Class of 2018) has been drafted to the Boston Red Sox!!! Jonathan played for Columbus High School from 2014-2018. This past spring, he finished his undergraduate baseball career at Miami University (Ohio). Proud parents are Rob and Gretchen Brand. They can’t wait to watch him play. Congratulations, Jonathan!! Go Blue Devils and go Red Sox!! Who is ?

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Week 1 Offensive Player of The Week is #3 Evan Allison

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1st Varsity game, this only the beginning #13


• Jaylen Epps: 14/22, 147 yards, TD;
47 rush yards, 5 carries
• Daylyn Upshaw: 2 recs., 51 yards
• Karmello English: 4 recs., 34
yards, TD
• Romello Green: 29 yards, 2
carries; 2 recs., 11 yards
• Zackariah Simmons: 16 yards, 5

reported by Adam Cole @Colereporter

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After Gymnastics Class. Adorable somewhere near the beginning.  Aubrey was about 3 year of age. Around April 17, 2022. MoneyBoyTv is where we highlight the kids. Come join us now..

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Congratulations to Augusta United Pop Warner 2022 National First Team Football Player SouthEast Region Scholar Kayden Walker 10U Red.

Kayden has been selected to represent Augusta United at the 2022 SouthEast Region Scholars Banquet in Orlando, Florida.

Kayden was selected along with 35 other players who were in the SouthEast Region.

Thank you Kayden Walker  for your awesome work on and off the field. We are excited to celebrate your achievements.