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African youths led solutions

African solutions must be community driven exploring all cultural and social norms and practices, facilitating knowledge preservation, improvement and innovation. There is no short cut to breaking the chains of colonization and slavery but to allow for steps into the fundamentals of culture and using that power to shape our world and provide solutions. Housing, Food, Medicine, Peace, Entertainment and everything we want are freely given only if we embrace our story and harness it to real solutions Tribal Roots Studio. AFAAD WakeUP AFRICA CONCERT COMING SOON

We buying to resell

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Do you have anything that you don’t need any more? No worries. We can come remove it for you. Inbox us @ Doc @ 706.905.5808 

Multi color

Your live set

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If you are serious. Now is the time to have your own show. A $20 donation will get you a virtual online set. $40 donation will get you a virtual online show( but in person set ) . Or $60 one show per week. Offer will end. We will produce the show for you. Join us on let’s get starting now.

Streets of Shadowville

Various scenes in the Columbus-Phenix Cty area.

Karen & Marquis Mahone Wedding June 4, 2020

This day was full of happiness.  The love this couple has for each other is REAL.  I am so glad we had the opportunity to capture those moments.

A look at nature from my eyes

With everything going on in the world, looking through another lens, is simply amazing.  

Sekou's 3 Month Photo's

My nephew is such a blessing.  

"My Black Has A Purpose"

"My Black Has A Purpose" was a peaceful rally in Columbus, Georgia.  If you know anyone in these photos, please add their names in the comments.  

Savannah Rapids Park June 12, 2020

Savannah Rapids Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Augusta, Georgia.  I took over 123 photos.  If you are interested in taking photos, or for more photos like these please inbox me.  Comment on your favorite picture.