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In 2022 Northside High vs Shaw High Muscogee County Football Match up who do you predict to win this year? Friday September 9th. @ Kinnett Stadium 7:30pm

2022 Who’s your top pick Female Rapper to crown for the Tri-City Columbus,Ga Area?? Female Artist on the Rise & Grind? MUST JOIN TO VOTE.  

Which pill would you take? Restart your life at the age of ten ? Or be a millionaire at the old age 45? Comment why? 

Grudge Race!!! Soul shaker vs Mood swing 2.0 who you like? How much? Join to comment. you can Download my MoneyBoyTv free social platform app This link is for Apple https://apps.apple.com/us/app/m...

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Do you think fireworks should be banned in Georgia?  Please explain. 

How do you feel about Gadget Jackson (InkBlokk Ceo) and The MOON As a Club promoter in Columbus,Ga? Media poll only..

Columbus,Ga do you feel that Justin Tyran Roberts shot all 5 people? Or is Columbus trying to pend them all on him for whatever reasons?

TROUBLE "Prime Time" Tony Bynes" VS. GHOSTBUSTER!!! Tim Huddleston LOCKED!!! HOH!!! MARCH 6th!!  Locked in By Keesha the lock it in girl. Must be a member to vote.

Who’s NEXT2BLOW? Top 10 Music Video Countdown.Cast your vote here. Pick your #1 music video.

Snoop just stated that Eminem IS NOT in his Top 10 List of Greatest Rappers. Do you Agree or Disagree with Snoop? Why?

Have you completed online registration/school declaration?

Who will be the next Columbus, Georgia Sheriff? Mark LaJoye Or Greg Countryman? 

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