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Bringing the Toyia Tucker Talks (TTtalks) and Columbus Concerned Citizens Platform from Facebook to MoneyBoyTv  to discuss all local, state, and national issues. Whether it is education or elections, we will have a platform for you to discuss it all. All topics of discussions are allowed. The group’s mission is to spark ideas to improve our community and our education and political systems. It's a place to brainstorm and collaborate. Oftentimes, we discuss many issues and concerns, but we don't feel safe to speak about the "Black Agenda". Let's change that! What's on your mind? How can we improve our community? What are some things that you are doing to make our community better. Feel free to post your ideas, thoughts, etc. Just be mindful of your comments. No derogatory comments are tolerated. This group should promote much needed  action in our community. Let's use it to be productive instead of counterproductive.

Let's Talk Fam!

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Key days for Georgia's 2020 elections

May 11: Voter registration deadline for primary election

May 18: In-person early voting begins for primary election

June 9: Election day for presidential and general primary

Aug. 11: Primary election runoff

Oct. 5: Voter registration deadline for general election

Oct. 12: In-person early voting begins for general election

Nov. 3: Election Day

Dec. 1: Runoff for state and local races

Jan. 5: Runoff for federal races

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Before this virus 🦠 became an pandemic, I was paying close attention to the news. From the cruise ships to the airlines, we all saw the numbers steadily rising. We rarely saw the race mentioned in regards to the positive cases. Some assumed that African Americans were “Immune” to the virus. 👀 However, people now have questions about the devastating impact COVID19 has on the African American community. Will we be able to flatten the curve and decrease the number of deaths? I don’t want to see anyone suffering, no matter the race, but I am questioning the number of deaths in the African American communities. Before we downplay the reports, let’s research the data. Let’s do our part to flatten the curve by staying at home.


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“MercyMed of Columbus, a non-profit Columbus medical clinic, will do community-wide COVID-19 testing this weekend at Cascade Hills Church”.


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Press Release October 10, 2019

Toyia Tucker to Bring 2025 Columbus Vision to District 4

It’s been a long time coming, but Columbus, GA native and G.W. Carver High School graduate, Toyia Tucker is ready to see change in her community. Inspired by the Columbus 2025 goals of reducing poverty, increasing prosperity and improving the quality of life for everyone who lives here, Toyia Tucker is ready to get to work. Toyia was asked what led her to use Columbus 2025 as the foundation of her campaign platform. Tucker replied, “It just makes sense. I’ve been paying attention to the discussions centered around this initiative for a while now, and I see the changes happening. It’s an awesome initiative, the committee has put a lot of thought into the strategic plan, and I think we should work to see it come to fruition in every neighborhood in this city. Why reinvent the wheel, when an excellent strategic plan for the city already exists?” Tucker’s perspective and voice offer a fresh, unique way of looking at a District that’s ready to level up and become a more vibrant, connected neighborhood. 

After an outstanding career in the Air Force, Toyia Tucker is ready to take her service before self-attitude and pour her time and talent into District 4.  When asked if she was ready to follow in the footsteps 31 year veteran city councilor, Evelyn Turner Pugh, Tucker acknowledges having very big shoes to fill.  “Evelyn paved the way not only for District 4, but for the city at large. I want to continue her legacy and make improvements to District 4 that will directly benefit its residents.  I want to ensure that the pool at Shirley B is repaired, and I want to see Carver Park become a vibrant and connected place w/ walkable trails and beautiful spaces for the community to use.  Ultimately, I want to ensure that District 4 has safe livable spaces just as we are seeing in other parts of the city. 

Toyia Tucker’s vision for District 4 highlights four primary areas that she will discuss at length in the coming days, weeks, and months leading up the election. Phase III of Columbus 2025, The Regional Prosperity Initiative seeks to, “increase prosperity, reduce poverty, and improve quality of life.” Tucker points out that those are the exact things that the residents of District 4 would like to see happen. From there, Tucker says, “I want to focus on long term initiatives for developing talented/educated people, economic growth, and community revitalization in District 4. However, we must first begin to tackle public safety issues, and then begin to gradually tackle the other key areas.” It’s safe to say Toyia Tucker will definitely be working hard for a better Columbus!

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