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Luminous Fashion Boutique we are located @ 9161 NE Jacksonville rd unit2 Anthony Florida 32617 we are open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-7pm (352)804-4979  We also offer Notary Service an Layaway...

Daisy bell bottoms come in sizes 3t-5t comes w/top, bottoms , head tie shipping from Anthony Florida (352)804-4979

Are snuggle four piece sets ship out of Anthony Florida 32617 (352)804-4979 the sizes 5/6*7/8*9/10

sassy wild flowers is are two piece bell bottom sets they come in sizes 3t -5t

Shipping from Anthony Florida 32617 (352)804-4979 sizes 3/4*4/5*5/6*7/8*9/10 comes with top,skirt,purse,headband 

Sizes small-xxl going fast get yours these are on hand shipping is fast and tracking numbers are available on all orders thank you for shopping with us!!!

Ready for shipping sizes small-xxl

Designer mask will ship from Anthony,Florida 32617

Face shield will ship from Anthony,Florida 32617

Disposable mask will ship from Anthony,Florida 32617

K9 Mask they will ship from Anthony, Florida 32617

Ladies New Inventory dropping 05/01/2020!!

Available 05/01/2020

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2 piece sets

Ready for shipping sizes small-xxl

Kids fur slides

Size 13,12 pink Sizes 10,13 purple

Kids fury slides

Sizes 12,13 pink Sizes 10,13 purple

Jungle Slides

Sizes 8,9,10
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