Five people shot, woman pistol whipped, multiple shots fired calls make for chaotic Saturday in Columbus

FULL STORY: Five people shot, woman pistol whipped, multiple shots fired calls make for chaotic Saturday in Columbus 12/18/21

Columbus police officers, the Muscogee County Coroner’s Office, paramedics and firefighters, crime scene investigators, robbery and assault investigators, and homicide investigators all worked a hectic Saturday shift as five people were shot, a woman was pistol whipped in an attempted kidnapping, and multiple cars and some buildings were shot up.

The chaos began at 2328 Wynnton Road, Wynnton Hardware, where officers responded to a shots fired call. Officers then responded to Citi Trends on Victory Drive where a report of shots fired from a suspect who shot into an occupied car.

Officers and medics responded to the Victory Drive Dollar General for a drive by shooting with a 14-year-old suffering from gunshot wounds. The 14-year-old was taken to Piedmont Columbus in unknown condition, but family tells Media that the teen was later taken to an Atlanta hospital. Columbus Police and all of Columbus Fire/EMS Station 10 responded to a double-victim shooting in the 4000 block of Singer Drive. One victim, later identified as 22-year-old Kyron Sharp, was pronounced deceased at 8:37PM by an emergency room physician, Muscogee County Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Allison confirms. A female victim was also shot, and her condition remains unknown. Homicide investigators, crime scene investigators, and the Muscogee County Coroner’s Office responded to the call.

Nearly an hour later, police officers responded to Peabody Avenue for a report of an attempted kidnapping of a woman around 10:30PM. Shots were fired but the woman was not shot. The woman was pistol whipped and taken to Piedmont Columbus with non serious injuries.

Shortly thereafter, a person driving along Macon Road was shot by an unknown person at the traffic light of Macon Road and Cross Country Plaza. The person has non life threatening injuries. A viewer said, “It was someone hanging out of a car shooting at another car over my car and other car that was getting shot at almost most hit us head on trying get away from the shooter.”

You are asked to stay vigilant and call 911 if you have an emergency.

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