Who will be the #1 Seed for 8U East Georgia Pop Warner?

This week two teams face off that are undefeated for 8U East Georgia Pop Warner, Greenbrier Green vs Augusta United Black.  Both teams have played hard every week, leaving a trail of upsets and heartache.  With every game, each team has showed other East Georgia Pop Warner teams, why they deserve a place on top.  Both teams have extraordinary talent, which exceeds past the limits of their age.   The deciding factor for this game is going to be experience, hunger, fortitude, and coaching.  These two teams cannot overlook each other or become complacent.  Each teams mission is to WIN!!  Who will get the victory Saturday, October 2, 2021, at Greenbrier High School, it is unknown.  One thing for sure is this game will be a matchup full of memories and excitement.  The question you must ask yourself is who is Next2Blow.  For more sports news, continue to follow us on moneyboytv.com.

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    • I think the Augusta United Black will get that first seed.

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      • The truth from my point of view.. This kids have heart and the coaches to go with it. 

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