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I believe in the village!

I am looking for some people who believe in the village. I know that we can get our city back to love and progression for all. Please complete the survey at the link below. Together we can do this!!


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    • I have not lived in Columbus for over 20 years, but I truly love my city. Seeing the news day in and out about people being murdered on a daily basis is sickening. The issue I have with Columbus is there is not anything for children to do, they are raising themselves, and the leadership is only thinking about themselves. 

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      • I just Expressed this very thing on the website

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        • We are electing people in office that just want a picture up on the wall. Out of all the city councils on the survey, how many of them walk the streets to get to know people and their needs. What they will do is blame it on COVID. How many people in office generally care?  We elect people based on likes, not what they can actually do. we elect people based off the color of their skin.  How do you get a city back, when the city is trying to raise taxes?  Impossible!!  Greed is killing our city, starting with the leadership. 

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        • There are anything for the children to do. I grew up here and we were able to enjoy our childhood. People felt safe. I agree we have to have people in office who want to see the necessary changes to place. People who care about all of the people. 

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