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What are you afraid to do?

Some of the best features about moneyboytv.com is the daily quotes. One of the quotes for today is “Always do what you are afraid to do” by (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  Can you think of something that you are scared to do? Why are you afraid to do it?  Just let the quote marinate.  Why do we hesitate? 

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  • To answer my own question I would say I sometimes fear the unknown.  This is something I have to meditate on. 

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    • This is one of those deep introspection questions that require us to look into ourselves... I know that I am afraid to miss my chance with God. I like every person living is always trying to learn more about the Creator... I always think what if on the last day, I don't make the cut... My whole life would have been a waste!!!! In my mind I can't even dream of anything that equals being their and being accepted by The Most High at the end... I don't think about being COOL, having SWAG or being a BOSS when I'm reflecting on The Creator. Quite honestly, I get humble and I get somewhat afraid....

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      • That should be something everyone is thing about. When the last day come, and they have to stand before judgement. My God!!!  The question then is are we living our lives for today.  When we live our lives for today, we know tomorrow is not promised. It forces us to righ.


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      • Man!!! Deeeeep!!!!!!

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