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Schools closes in Georgia

Georgia schools are closing for the remainder of the year.  What does that mean for our children?  How will our children be graded?  What about our children  who are graduating?  What about our children who’s parents are still working?  I understand the reason why they have closed the school, but are we thinking about our children   Some people can’t afford to take off and tend to there children.  This saddens me, because you have children that have yet to complete any work.  I am worried about the children who’s parents don’t care.  What about them?  How can we help our children?  



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  • So Alabama closed schools for the rest of year.. My poor baby spent all these years working towards graduating highscool and starting college for this virus to snatch away 1 memory every child should experiance.. I feel bad for her... best advice I gave my baby was: This sucks now and I'm sorry, this wont mean shit to you in 5 years, and in 30 years, you'll have one hell of a story to tell..... Tryna make her look at the glass half full.. 

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    • Best advice, and a good point you made.

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      • It sucks, but it’s true.  You are an excellent parent.  There are a lot of parents that don’t care.  I have heard it first hand from parents. Education is not important to them.  My concern is the children who don’t have parents that teach them. They will be behind. Then what?  These children may just become another statistics. 

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