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Snoop just stated that Eminem IS NOT in his Top 10 List of Greatest Rappers. Do you Agree or Disagree with Snoop? Why?

Should people be fined or possibly serve jail time for leaving the house?

Do you think Covid-19 was exposed to Americans on U.S soil, prior to them reporting it being in America?

2022 Who’s your top pick Female Rapper to crown for the Tri-City Columbus,Ga Area?? Female Artist on the Rise & Grind? MUST JOIN TO VOTE.  

Who will be the next Sheriff of Columbus, GA? Four candidate’s with same goal. They all want to help with the crime in Columbus. Who do you think will be the better candidate Donna Tompkins,...

Do you think fireworks should be banned in Georgia?  Please explain. 

Who’s NEXT2BLOW? Top 10 Music Video Countdown.Cast your vote here. Pick your #1 music video.

How will your children be returning to school 2020-2021, during COVID-19?  Will they be returning back virtual or physically in the classroom?  Please explain your reason why. 


The 2020 HipHop Award Show. The Best Entertainment Group. Please vote the Best Entertainment company of the year. But feel free to add your best company in comments.

Gangsta Movies There are a lot of classic gangsta movies. Which gangsta movie was your absolute favorite. You can watch it everyday, and it never gets old. Please explain why your movies tops...

Titanic vs The Notebook Love is a beautiful thing. There are a lot of classical love story movies. Between the Titanic and the The Notebook, which one was your favorite. Please comment why you...