Comment to 'Unarmed but Dead'
Comment to Unarmed but Dead
    1. Actively connecting with mothers or other families through direct or social media that are experiencing the lost of a loved one due to police violence. You have to take the initiative to network and reach out to these mothers and families. Activists, such as NAACP, organizations started by mothers who are engaged with JUSTICE reforms is a another group. There are so many foundations you can be introduced to by the mother's. 
    2. To have a case reopened, start a petition. Have a call to action to elected officials( District Attorney, Senator, Mayor, Governor) by emails, phone calls, with your demands. Describe what happened or what was told to you about your loved one being murdered by the police. Describe your feelings of how the case was handled. Describe who was all affected of the lost loved one. Dont stop or give up seeking justice, continue to be their voice.
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    • Do you ever worry about reprisal once you open the case back up?

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