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Easyjet partners with Spotify to put out The Listen and Book

EasyJet has partnered with Spotify to create ‘Listen & Book’, a platform that will match holidays to the music tastes of people looking to get away this summer.

The tailored travel experience will recommend specific destinations by pairing consumers’ playlists on the music app with ‘holiday moods’.

The Listen and Book campaign leverages Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence to make it possible for people to discover their holiday personality based on their listening habits (Spotify users need to grant consent to easyJet to unlock this feature). This personality is then matched to tailored travel experiences across Europe, made possible by Easyjet.

To ‘Listen & Book’, music lovers can connect their Spotify account via a dedicated Listen & Book microsite which will identify holiday vibes based on recent music played and recommend hotspots and experiences on easyJet’s unrivalled network across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, which links directly to the easyJet website for customers to book their next audibly-inspired getaway.

“Listen & Book will help our customers discover new destinations across our European network, using Spotify’s innovative technology to enhance our customer search and booking experience,” EasyJet customer and marketing director Richard Sherwood said.

“This collaboration is the perfect fit for our ‘nextGen easyJet,’ brand strategy, with the ambition to pioneer the next generation of travel for all, connecting customers to the people they love, new and diverse cultures and unforgettable experiences.”

Listen & Book will be supported by localised marketing campaigns developed by the creative agency VCCP London, and will run in France, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

Destination Canada has also teamed up with Spotify to launch a similar campaign to inspire tourism to Canada. You can read more about it here.

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