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Here's what Egg Memos are used for in Sonic Frontiers

Egg Memos are one of Sonic Frontiers' more mysterious collectibles, but to those fans of the series who like a bit of blue hedgehog lore, these may well be a must-have. If you've visited Big the Cat's Cyber Space fishing spot, you may have spied an Egg Memo in his shop and wondered if there was any value in forking over all your fishing tokens to get it.

How to get more Egg Memos in Sonic Frontiers
Cyber Space is a digital dimension separate from the real world, and this is where Dr. Eggman's gets trapped at the start of Sonic Frontiers. The cinematic shows Eggman uploading an AI system to a Portal which comes with consequences. He leaves numerous voice logs behind known as Egg Memos, and these can be purchased from Big the Cat. Players looking to unveil the mysteries of Cyber Space can purchase the Egg Memos. To purchase an Egg Memo, visit a Fishing Spot, interact with Big, and open the Trade Tokens section. You can purchase Egg Memos using Treasure Tokens, or Gold Cards.

Sonic Frontiers players will have to pay using those coins for every fishing attempt. Prices for renting the fishing rod will vary depending on which of the five areas in the game players decide to fish in. That said, be sure to carry some or max out on those Purple Coins.

What are Egg Memos used for? 
The Egg Memo collectibles may seem like they have an ulterior purpose, but they are just lore and flavour. When you purchase one you can listen to it and it'll give you a little excerpt of Dr. Eggman giving his thoughts about Cyber Space.

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