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All my past and present Columbus,Ga hoopers and coaches check in!!!!

Why is Youth Basketball in Columbus,Ga in my opinion in a all time low? And I’m speaking on from Middle school on down to the youth level?

I can remember a time when at a middle school game everybody was competitive you didn’t know if you was gone win or lose that night.. and now we have kids on middle school teams that can barley dribble a ball.. and this post is not to bash any child or team or coaches but I want to know how y’all feel about this..

And before we bring up coaches with the most talent or recruiting I can take my whole starting 5 at Fort and put them at different schools it still would be some bad basketball it just would be one star player around kids that can’t play!!!

My assumption about Columbus,Ga youth sports

1: Kids don’t go outside and play anymore or just hoop with friends

2: Most Parents are not invested in their kids development but will spend money on other things,
It’s plenty of great trainers in Columbus

3: It is really impossible for kids to have access to gyms and local parks they are always close

4: Some youth coaches don’t want to develop or work on fundamentals just line up and go play

5: lack of time to develop because everything is so rushed. You can have tryouts one week and play a game the next week

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    • Very good Coach.. this maybe a very good topic for a live discussion much needed. 🤔

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