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Are you a leader or a follower?

With everything going on in this world back to back to back, would you consider yourself a leader or a follower?  The actions that you take are they based off of your decisions, or is it dictated by social media?  I really want to know how people think. I want to know what drives people to follow and to lead. All opinions are welcomed. 

If I asked you why did you join Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter what would be your response?

If I asked you why did or didn’t you get vaccinated, what would be your reason?

Everyone has a reason why they do things, whether it’s good or bad.  Honesty is power!!




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    • I Love this Question!!!! This is so deep on so many levels. My conversation on this is going to have to be in parts... I am both a leader and a follower - literally to some degree. I have heard it said that the best Leaders were good followers... I believe this to be the Truth!!! 

      As a Leader in one capacity, I yearn to just be a follower of that same cause in which I have LEADERSHIP CAPACITY. I Thank God that being in Leadership for so long has humbled me and led me to be a person who is not seeking Leadership, Power and Control. I yearn to just be a follower of Our Great Cause sometimes... 

      LEADERSHIP comes with a lot more than what people are expecting. All eyes are always on you when your in LEADERSHIP. But, it is also a Tremendous Honor to serve A great Cause and to be bestowed the Great and Important Weight of Leadership - this is an experience which I don't take lightly!!!! I am Humbled, awestruck and Prayerful when I contemplate that Allah (God) would allow me to serve in a Leadership Capacity in a cause which is HIS!!!!! ...More to Come on this Great Question....

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