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Grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and general stores have essential personnel too!!

If your boss told you they needed you to work regardless of what the world is doing, you are essential. You probably beg to differ.  If no one never tell you thank you for working, and leaving your family at home. I want to say thank you!!  Most of the grocery stores are open, why because they don’t want people to go without. The owners don’t want people breaking into there establishment. They want you to have food when you run out.  They want you to be able to get everything you need to live at these stores. What about the employees?  When you walk in the store and see the lines long, some people get attitudes. You say, “Whats taking them so long, they are slow?” Did you think that maybe they are tired. They have been dealing with cash. They can’t go on a break, and wash there hands every 30 minutes.   They don’t have PPE. They can’t quarantine. They are essential personnel.  Most of the people that work at these places don’t get paid that much, they are trying to survive. So when you see the gas stations, family dollar’s, pharmacies, and other stores open its because they are mission essential.  Could we survive without these stores open?  How would people act if these stores closed down?  How would you act?

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  • You said a mouth full then.. I 100% appreciate every thing these workers are doing.. I think the problem is people dont treat others as they would like to be treated, they are selfish, and ignorant to the fact of what's really going on outside their 5 meter bubble.. great post...

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    • I appreciate the nurses and doctors. We are leaving the people out who are at these factories making the ventilators. The ones who are working 12 hour shifts. Just like I tell my Soldier's everyone’s job is just as important than the next. It all works together.  You know the numbers game is tricky. Just think if the liquor store closed people would act a slap fool.  

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