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What can we do financially during this pandemic to better prepare ourselves?

I know a lot of us are tired of talking about the Covid-19. I think it is most definitely something to talk about. People are not just dying from it, businesses and retirements have been affected. Bills don’t stop 🛑!!!  For some that invested in a risky stock market have lost money. How do you invest in your future, knowing that you could possible hit a recession?  What can we do to better prepare for this financial crisis?


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  • Work on your credit. While this world is still functioning, get your credit repaired. Also, this is a great opportunity to save some money since we are sheltering in due to COVID. And as our MBTV President, Mrs. Lakeesha states in an earlier post, pay off some bills/debt with the stimulus checks, and/or the monies we are saving because we are sheltered in. Let's try to learn the Science of Finance and be Wise.

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    • We have to be financially savvy. We have to maximize The programs the government is offering. 

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