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The real Superstars working during the pandemic!!

So this covid-19 has so many people teleworking supposedly, so they tell us. Everyone is no fortunate enough to telework.  I salute these people.  They are the medical staff, the police offers, fire department, the workers at gas stations, the restaurants employees, the list goes on an on.  They expose their families to this horrific virus. They are the ones who don’t see their families because they separate themselves, preventing their families from getting sick. They are the heroes!!!  My hats off to you!!!

If you were told you had to work around people that could possibly have Covid-19 would you do it?  Would you risk your families lives?

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  • Yes, I would. Especially since I know it's definitely not what they claim it is.  I think it's a shame the government has ppl protecting themselves against the wrong enemy, under false pretenses. Itsy ridiculous. I'd definitely be on the clock, with the extra pay and extra hrs, trying to run up a check, so I wouldn't have to except a stimulis check, since I know it's gonna cost me in the end.

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