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How do you learn?

Do you know your learning style?  What is your learning style?  Have you tried any other learning style?  Please explain. 

If you don’t know your learning style, please take the time and take this quiz.  I promise you it can help identify issues you or your children are having when it comes to learning.




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  • Great Discussion 😍

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    • Me personally...my learning is more so visual....i think each individual soaks in information differently...if i can see it the possibly i can duplicate it...maybe with a couple of tries until i can run away with it....i do read and try to paint a picture of it also...and even breaking it down to different combinations....but if i can see it....i can learn from it...

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      • Its like playing memory....

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        • I figure sometimes its all about chance....you have to go through it....iit....in order to learn....even knowing right from wrong....

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          • I am a logical/mathematical learner. From time to time I work better hands on.  I have to force myself to be understanding with the different learning styles, due to my children.  My daughter is more musical/auditory, and my son is a physical learner. I have to get to their levels to teach. Seeing how they learn is exciting and frustrating.  Just teaching simple math is different.  

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