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Casting Call

We are looking for people that would love the art or occupation of performing in plays, movies, or television productions. MoneyBoytv.com love to create something out of nothing. We don’t believe in waiting. [Only creating]

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Have you ever done any professional acting before?
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    Hello Everyone we are looking for Some Actors & actresses to play some part in this video production that taking place asap.. if you are interested click this link. Casting call for Actors/Actresses!!!   “$All Money Ain’t Good Money” Greetings, we are in search of the following: Actors- African American, age 18-40, NO height/weight requirements. Actresses- African American, age 18-40, NO height/weight requirements.   Main characters: Female A: Honey- character is based upon a mistress. Female B: Blessing- details to be released. Male A: Vic- details to be released.   Second line & Extras: Female C: Kelis- victim of Female A (Honey) Male B: Lucky- victim of Female A (Honey)   Characte