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Point Guard 13 years of age. Jersey #5 7th Grade. He attend Muscogee County Middle School in Columbus,Ga. WHO'S NEXT2BLOW... Keep your eyes on this young Athlete pops off his Seasons of 2023.

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Moneyboytv has their eyes on the Muscogee County Young Athlete #23 . This young Athlete is in the 7th Grade now 5’9 & 13 years of age.

Fort Middle School

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Middle School basketball showcase. 
January, 14 2023

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6 Jan 2023
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Irwin 61-9 🫡🫡🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤫
y’all chime in what’s ya school record last 5 seasons only A-AAAA no 5-7A schools .
before someone say something

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Congratulations to Whit Weeks on being named the Region 8-AAA player of the year!

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We capture the community just for you…

2022 Jingle Jam Swim Meet

Lanes 1 - 3 - Brookstone
Lanes 4 - 10 - Columbus
Lane 11 - Kendrick / Spencer
Lanes 12 - 13 - Hardaway
Lanes 14 - 15 - Harris County
Lane 16
Lanes 17 - 18 - Northside
Lane 19 - Callaway
Lane 20
- 21 - St. Anne Pacelli
4:30 PM
Lane 1 - 2 - Walnut Grove
Lane 3 - 5 - Central
Lanes 6 - 8
- East Coweta
Lanes 9 - 10 - Pike County
Lane 11 - Peach County / Bowdon
Lanes 12 - 13 - Eastside
Lanes 14 - 17
- Newnan
Lanes 18 - 19 - Troup Co
Lanes 20 - 22 - Veterans